This is the payment portal for Kwara State University. Please follow the 6 simple steps explained below to complete your payment on this portal.

Important Notice

We observed that some students have experienced difficulty in making payments with their cards on this portal. Please note the following in order to effect successful payment transaction:

  1. Only Interswitch Verve and Master Cards are currently accepted for payment on this portal, so ensure that your card is either of the 2 mentioned above.
  2. Make sure that your card has been activated for Internet Transaction. If you are not sure about this, please contact the bank that issued your card to confirm.
  3. Make sure you have sufficient balance to cover the amount you wish to pay on your card before attempting payment.
  4. Ensure you enter your card details correctly (Card Number, PIN etc)
  5. If you have made payment and your card has been debited, but your payment transaction has not reflected on the portal, click "Re-Query" in your Payment Records section of the site.
  6. If you have further complains, please send your transactions details in your email to support.


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